What Exactly is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy healthcare assesses, diagnoses, snacks, and performs to stop dysfunction and handicap through physical means. We are College experienced specialists in human    movement and function and assist you to help in overcoming movement disorders. These disorders might have been present from delivery, received through incident or injury, or    are the result of ageing or life-changing events.

As Physios, we could also assist you to reduce further injury by playing your preferences and working together with one to program probably the most correct treatment for your issue, including setting    targets, treatment outcomes and demonstrating rehabilitation exercises.

As first contact practitioners, a Doctor’s referral is not necessary to see us Physiotherapy Mona Vale. Physios, Health practitioners, and different health professionals can frequently perform included in a group to program and manage treatment for your particular condition.

We are experienced to evaluate your issue, detect the problem, and help you understand what’s wrong. Our treatment ideas take into account your lifestyle, activities, and basic health. We think a hands-on way of treatment is the greatest therapeutic your body can receive. Our counselors are dedicated to providing you the best treatment utilising the newest and most reliable techniques available.

  • exercise programs to enhance freedom and improve muscles
  • joint treatment and mobilisation to cut back pain and stiffness
  • smooth muscle mobilisation (massage)
  • muscle re-education to enhance get a handle on
  • extending
  • tape
  • airway clearance techniques and breathing workouts
  • support with utilization of aids, splints, crutches, strolling sticks and wheelchairs (APA)

We think a hands-on way of treatment, applying Physiotherapy and Massage techniques, is the greatest therapeutic your body can get and we want you to call home your absolute best life; free from pain, reduction and serious injury.

We specialise in Physio, Harm and Treatment, Activities and Remedial Massage, Postural Correction, Maternity Massage and provide assistance and training on tips on how to manage your own personal complaints much better. Our counselors are dedicated to providing you the best treatment utilising the newest & most reliable techniques available. A thorough pre-screening offers people a great comprehension of your body, conditions & needs, and lets us formulate the right treatment program & assistance for you.