How Your Peppermint or Braava Robotic Floor Mop Can Function Like in the Commercial

If you have heard about the automatic ground mops called Braava and Mint you have to know that they are exactly the same thing. Development Robotics is the company that created Mint. It absolutely was later bought by iRobot. The latter offered Mint for a time and today changed its title to Braava. It’s the same kind of Mint with a brand new name. Their rates do not vary either. And Mint has become offered once again with the title Development Robotics attached with it.

If you anticipate your Mint or Braava to perform like the one available you have to tweak the task a bit. You can see how to do it below.

Mint (Braava) employs two forms of washing cloths for its two washing modes. The bright cloths are to be applied dry in SWEEP mode. Here is the mode you see applied available wherever Mint (Braava) is moving in right lines and it seems as if the path washed by the robot is shining and wet. But that shining sanitation won’t occur if Mint (Braava) is found in carry mode. It may happen if you use the damp blue cloths in MOP mode. But then the robot won’t move in nice right lines but instead back-forth for greater cleaning. This can slow it, of course.

To be able to make Mint (Braava) move in right lines with damp fabric you just need to set the damp blue fabric really firmly on its pad (the reservoir one) and utilize the SWEEP mode. The tightness can be performed by folding one side of the fabric inwards somewhat; if it stays out of the velcro pieces it interferes with the receptors in the midst of the pad. Do not load the reservoir pad if your surfaces are pretty clean. If the blue fabric becomes too damp the robot begins to struggle and can’t move further.

Cleaning with dry fabric in carry mode is similar to obtaining dirt and pet-hair and driving them around. It is great if you have lots of these and need them piled-up for easy treatment automatic mopping machine but for hair-free surfaces the damp fabric is much better.

For best benefits:

Don’t damp the bright cloths which are meant to be utilized dry with the multi-purpose pad in carry mode. The motor won’t be able to move Mint properly.
If you intend to use damp fabric in carry mode: flip inwards the blue fabric when attaching it to the velcro reel on the reservoir pad. This assures that the fabric is pulled limited and won’t go back-forth to hinder the robot’s smooth movement.
Wash the blue fabric after each and every room.
Don’t load the reservoir of the reservoir pad if your surfaces are not protected with soil or pet-hair. If the fabric is too damp the robot can’t move properly.
Remove as many items from the floor as possible. Too many chairs will really confuse Mint and it’ll miss spots.
Mint does a fantastic job mopping surfaces with moderate amount of soil and no big particles.
It’s quiet and fast, and can be used in every rug-free areas of the house.